What is Antimatter? Is it really a mysterious Particle of the Universe?

Umm! Not by it’s Formation. It’s just like a common particle with opposite charge. Whereas a Hidrogen Atom can be formed as a positive charged particle, there an Anti-Hydrogen can be formed as a negetive charged particle.

But Ofcourse, IT’S A MYSTERY! The mystery is, big bang should have created equal antimatters & matters! but why?? & where are they?

As you are made of normal Matters, What happens if there is an another verse of you made of antimatters & both shakes your hands together frequently ????





When a matter and antimatter collapses with each other both of them turns into pure energy & causes big explotion!

One gram of antimatter can produce as much energy as the Atom bomb dropped in Hiroshima!

” So, When MATTER AND ANTIMATTER COLLIDES, both becomes invisible and also turns into ENERGY,

that means, IF YOU WANT TO CREATE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING, there will be two copies, one of them PARTICLE and another ANTIPARTICLE, right?”

So, when the big bang occured from a single point, there must be half of matters & other half of antimatters!

Though there are still question remains, After they are created, why those Matters & Antimatters didn’t collide each other again & why the universe didn’t invincible? 

Hence,  Where are they now? Why we can’t see them?

Well, Scientists are silent in that point! Nobody knows for sure, where are those antimatters! They say, May be….!  May be… there are Galaxies far distant from the Horizon is completely made of Antimatters? 

Cern is trying to make antimatters in lab. But do you know?

To create One gram of Antimatter you need MORE THAN 60 Trillion dollars!! Almost all the money of the earth!” 


Creating Antimatter is so hard that, it annihilates with anything on the earth close to it! So generally after creating,  you can not put it somewhere or float it in vaccum any longer!
Do you know,  A banana ( high in quality of potassium, 40)  produces AN ANTIMATTER in every 75 minutes? 

CERN made an Antihydrogen and could save it just for 15 seconds! 

Isn’t it too dangerous to create in lab?

It could be,  but You don’t worry! As much Antimatter was created on earth can not even make a cup of tea! Theee!! 😀


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