Are there really any copies of me in parallel universes?

Parallel universes are the concept of Multiverses. It’s an hypothesis of physics, cosmology, astrology, philosophy,  religion &  also very famous topic for science fiction.

Multiverse as a word was used by Willium James in 1895. Laterly it became so popular idea as “Baby Universes” “Parallel Universes” etc. Some part of these theories suggest that we may have many copies of us in other Parallel univeses! But those universes are little bit different. you don’t do the exactly samething you do in other universes!

Though still there are various arguments about these Universes cause we can’t really test them. But suppose the theory is okay.

But is it really possible that we have so many copies?

Cause, if those copies don’t do the exact samething I do, that means we like to do something different!

that’s why my father might not get married the same girl, my mother.. if those worlds are little bit different, then might be ADAM never met EVE, it’s possible.

Or Amaeba never got his partner as the first born animal in the earth, who knows!

Theory suggests that,

may be the laws of physics are not as same as us there. May be light speed is also little bit different there!

What do you mean by little bit different? 

A tiny tiny tiny little bit changes in the formation earlier of the universe CAN change the whole history of it… or delete the history of it. Nothing will be as same as before. The outcome will be whlole new version.

According to those theories,  this is impossible to have exact same copies! Similiar or identical faces can be found in other universes too, that’s definitely not me!

But,  yes ofcourse, May be there are really some copies of you, that part you have to leave for the Creator! Nothing is impossible for the creator & God’s wills!


So, what do you think? Do you believe that in another universes, you are a super star?

It feels good, right? 😀


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